ShortLink is a 'cashback' link-reducer, it means that you are paid to share ShortLink's links.

How does it work ?

To start making money you need to convert your links. To do it, you can submit your links to our system ( for instance : ) and we convert it into a paid link ( for instance : ). Each visitor who see this link is redirected to a full ad page and after the timer is over, a button that redirects to your original link will appear.

How do I get paid ?

You are paid by cost per mille views (CPM). Every time your link is viewed for a longer time than our timer, your account is credited with few euros.

How am I paid ?

You are paid by Paypal. Other way to be paid should be available soon.

When am I paid ?

You are paid as soon as possible, within one week after your cashout request. The minimum cashout is set on one euro.

Is there any affiliate program ?

Yes, you can earn 15% of the earnings of your directs referrals.

How many links are available per account ?

There is no limit !

How many account per user is allowed ?

Only one account per user is allowed.

Where can i set my ShortLink's link ?

You can place your reduced link where you want ( if respect our Terms and Conditions ).

What are the rates ?

Please see the rates grid located on your right, for guidance only.

US3.32 $
CA2.83 $
FR2.22 $
GB2.09 $
CH2.09 $
BE1.97 $
JP1.72 $
ES1.6 $
IT1.6 $
IE1.6 $
PT1.6 $
IL1.6 $
DE1.48 $
OTHERS0.12 $
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