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- prohibits the use of software or methods to increase traffic links of the user.
- The user undertakes not to click on links or on ads that itself diffuses and agrees not to trick users into these practices.
- ShortLink prohibits more formally disseminating promotions hidden iframe pages on websites and the use of html tag such as <img src=link...>.
- Website or program that hide or change the origin of the visitors ( fake the header ) is prohibited too.
- User can't Have more than one account.
- Promoting ShortLink links on a website with adult content is not allowed.

User Content

User is responsible for the content and maintenance of links to file on the service and can not be held responsible for any presence of illegal links in its database. It is forbidden to place links to websites that would lead to illegal content, threatening content, defamatory content, obscene content, pornographic content or violates any law or the rights of others, including laws against copyright infringement. If discovers a link wich does not meet these conditions or French laws, then reserves the right to remove the fraudulent link and to call upon the competent authorities and to provide to the authorities all the data needed to identify the fraudster.

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